Currently, +R Models HO Slot Car is on hiatus.

About +R Models

+R Models HO Slot Car produces and sells resin body kit for 1/64 slot car together with decalcomania.  We also sells decalcomania only.

+R Models' bodies are handmade one by one, the handmade prototype is molded by silicon, and the decalcomania is also drawn originally (not photocopied).

If you plus them the models of AFX or C&R Racing, you would possibly have the 51 cars of Le Mans 1970.  We have other race version models of Le Mans in 1970 as well.

+R Models HO Slot Car wish you to have fun of running and also creating with your own invention.

You can order by e-mail.  Please refer to the page of 'How to order'.


We start producing 512S, to create all Le Mans 1970 by the spirit of 'create by ourselves whatever don't exist'.

+R Models HO Slot Car produce the minimum kit which would be the base expanding your original world with your own imagination and ideas.  It is you who can plus something with them.





Now on sale!

Porsche 917 Le Mans1969 #10, 12
Porsche 917 Le Mans1969 #10, 12
#14 15
#14 15

Decal mirror(#15) rear fin engine food(regin PET) for Tomy AFX SG+

Sale start on 14 Jan. 2012!!















RTR Equipe Matra Elf 1970

MS650#30,MS660#31,MS650LH#32 with Tomy SG+ chassis.

ASK price and details.

Revision the price! bodies and decals. > Lists      20/Jan, 2011

Matra MS650LH '69 Le Mans, Coming soon!

+R Models HO Slot Carは約1/64スケールのスロットカー用レジンボディ・キットをデカール付きで制作販売しています。


+R Modelsのボディは手作りの原型をシリコーン型により一つずつ制作しデカールも全てオリジナル(画像コピーではなく)ドローイングで制作しています。

AFXやC&R Racingから出ている車種に+(プラス)すると1970年のル・マン出走、全51台を揃えることが可能になります。

1970年Le Mans 出走車の他レースヴァージョンモデルなどもあります。

+R Models HO Slot Carは完成後の走行を楽しむだけではなく、工夫して作ることも楽しんでいただければと考えています。

メールにて注文していただけます。詳細は注文のしかた、How to orderをご覧ください。







Martin Schütters kindly sends photos of his wonderful! marvelous!! fantastic!!! works of +R models. 

Those elaborate ditails are looks very fine.

Thank you Martin!! 

Porsche 908/02 Flunder LH 

Porsche 914/6

Martin's collection of +R Models.